Term and conditions

Here is the list of Standard terms and conditions for SEO services of IndeedSEO

A ‘Client’ of IndeedSEO is always a person or business representative that using SEO services of IndeedSEO. Site Optimization is the exclusive work of indeedSEO that set out to achieve the target. Web site and site are the websites available on the internet that owned by the clients.IndeedSEO works on Micro-site that used for SEO services. The site is also belonging to clients. IndeedSEO services are designed for Yahoo, Google and MSN search.

‘SEO’ is the process of taking the website at the top. We offer reliable services to every client. Off Page, SEO is the essential part of services, where different and progressive methods are used to edit in clients website. Our services are available at Monthly payment plan, and we take the payment each month and stay communicated with customers to provide the update.

Details of terms and conditions:
  • There will be a contract between client and indeedSEO before start the work. The terms of the contract will be ineffective unless agreed in writing.
  • IndeedSEO and information will frame the work strategies will be sent through email.
  • IndeedSEO will commence work on receipt of the initial payment.
  • IndeedSEO takes complete payment for an agreed number of months or signs clients up for monthly service.
  • There are no fixed months’ services; therefore a client can schedule payments for any stages of services. We follow the term of payment of 1 month in advance of work being carried out. In the case of payment not has been paid, SEO services will be stopped, and previous payments will not be refunded.
  • If IndeedSEO does not receive payment as per the schedule, the SEO work will be stopped for site optimization. IndeedSEO will not be responsible for any negatively affects on the website.
  • The payment is not refundable for indeedSEO services.
  • To complete the site optimization work, editing work can be done, that will require additional charges.
    The SEO services are not responsible for any affect on business sale, opportunities as well as business operation.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by the Law. If there would be no following of these terms and conditions, IndeedSEO can end the contract.
  • IndeedSEO does not claim to fix your website position online; there can be fluctuations in your search results.

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