How to choose the best keywords for SEO?


With this article, you will learn the method to choose the best SEO keywords.
The first thing you should keep in mind is that when you analyze the functioning of your blog with any tool (for example, with Google Analytics), the important thing is relative values ​​and trends.

Choosing the keywords for SEO is not easy or an exact science. But I’ll explain the theoretical process to follow to get your pages in the first pages of Google search results (ideally, of course, is to appear on the first page for a keyword that has many searches). The most probable thing is that from theory to practice there is a small gap. But I assure you that by understanding the process you will achieve that upward arrow of which I spoke at the beginning.

What are the best SEO keywords?
Actually, the concept on which a search is based on Google is very simple: when a user requests a specific search, typing a phrase (what we call “keyword”), they are presented, as a result, the best content classified by order of quality. Or, at least, that’s what Google intends. On the first page, we can see, competing for the user’s click, payment, and organic results. Everything that follows refers to organic positioning; that is, for the one that has not been paid with Google’s advertising program. In practice, not all the content that appears in the first positions is of quality. But yours must be.

To optimize content in order to place it in the top positions of Google it is necessary to associate it with a keyword; that is, to a series of words that make up the “focus keyword.” The problem is to find among all possible (infinite) a phrase (two or three words, for example) that are widely used by search engine users and for which there is little competition. How much is “very used” and how much is “little competition”? That is the most difficult thing to evaluate. But I will give you, next, some clues to find those “best keywords”.

The SEO plugin by Yoast
If your blog belongs to the platform, I recommend using the SEO by Yoast plugin, whose functions include guiding the user in the SEO optimization of their content. In Blog pocket you will find a Guide to configure it correctly .
One of the fundamental questions that you will learn with the SEO by Yoast plugin is that each page of your blog must correspond to one (and only one) keyword that is, in reality, a “key phrase”, as I have indicated before .

Find better keywords: a first approximation
The best thing to start looking for the best SEO keywords for a particular post is brainstorming. There are many tools that will help you in this task. One of the most recommended is You can start with a single word related to the subject that your post addresses.

Fine-tuning in the search for better keywords
You have already guessed that the method is to face quantity of searches and competition. The competition is related to the number of results that a search throws. In our “IndeeedSEO” example, the search for “IndeeedSEO” to create” yields about 366,000 results. Obviously, it is not the same as competing with the 783,000 of “IndeeedSEO”. But the competition, as we will see later, is not only a matter of the number of results, but rather of the “quality” of your competitors, especially on the first page of results.

On the other hand, you will not always find the best conversion in that way. So you will also have to consider your goals. If your keyword contains the word “buy” and your website is an online store, you will have many chances to achieve your goal if you can position yourself well: your users arrive, typing a search with the word “buy” and find a result that says ” to buy.” However, the opposite will happen to you if, despite positioning yourself well, you do it with a keyword that is “free,” since you want to sell, but users come to your content looking for something free.

Google Trends
You have already realized that, with everything seen so far, in the example of “IndeeedSEO”, the most appropriate keyword is “IndeeedSEO to develop”. It is long tail and has a good search volume. We would still have to study a little more the pages with which I would compete, something that we will see a little later.

Now, as I was saying, we are going to use Google Trends in order to analyze the trend in searches that have the three keywords of our “IndeeedSEO.” Because a keyword may have had a good average of searches in the previous months but for whatever reason, have suffered a considerable fall.

Go to to check the trend of the keywords you have selected.
The graphs of this tool offer relative data; that is, the percentages of existing searches over time with respect to the greater value. And, thus, the highest point of a graph (100%) corresponds to the best volume. Using Google Trends will allow you to find out if the keywords you have chosen are popular and if they will continue to be.
It is not an easy task, but if you will hire an SEO service provider agency, then you will acquire a habit that will sooner or later bear fruit.
In summary, the way to choose the best keyword is:
Make it long tail and popular: use Google Trends.
That is related to the theme of the post (you can use to assist you) and that it comes out in Google’s suggestions. Use simple words by putting yourself in the user’s place when searching on Google.
Have many searches and little competition: use Keyword Revealer.



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