7 Type Of SEO Link Building Service You Need to Know


Are you looking for SEO link building service? If yes then you are on right page? Today you will know about 7 type of SEO link building service. If you are into SEO things then you surely know about it but friends link building is not as easy as it is looking. You need to prepare a full strategy and according to your website but don’t worry at IndeedSEO you will get full link building solution. So before contact us know the following SEO link building service.

7 Type Of SEO Link Building Service

1. Contextual SEO Link Building Service

Contextual SEO link building is one of the most popular and important link building strategies. Links which were made using this strategy are more reliable, natural and effective. Contextual links help your website to highlight more in the eyes of search engine. This will obviously increase your sales and generate traffic. Contextual link building is also appreciated by Google and is one of the major Google ranking algorithms.

In contextual link building our experts will write original, fresh and unique content according to the requirement of your website or business. Google consider original content as a prime factor so by using this technique we help you to increase the visibility of your website. We post these quality articles on different high PR websites including niche websites, web 2.0 websites and more. These will get your website amazing backlinks.

2. .edu & .gov Link Building

It may be difficult to get backlinks from high PR website but it is more difficult to get links from .edu & .gov websites. This is the reason why a single backlink from .edu or .gov website equals to 10 backlinks. Including the tactic of getting backlinks from these extension domains considered very powerful strategy. Google respect if you are getting backlinks from good websites so when you get some backlinks from reputed .gov or .edu websites, it is not more than a lottery. This is one of the most powerful link building strategies in SEO link building service list.

If you are curious that why .edu or .gov websites have so much weightage then know that it is impossible to get .edu or .gov domains. Second, they contain a lot of valuable statistics and serious data which can be provided by any educational institute or government body. So when you get backlinks from such websites your website rank boosts in not time. It is one of the fastest ways to boost your rankings but as usual, it is not so easy task but don’t worry our experienced SEO experts in IndeedSEO will help you to get backlinks from .edu and .gov websites.

3. Guest Posting

Guest posting has died so why this point is mentioned in SEO link building service list. Actually, you will be surprised to know that guest posting is still alive. Earlier it was a news that guest posting has died and Google will not accept any links that come from guest posting but the truth of this is people are getting links from guest posting in an unnatural way which obviously not considered by Google. Guest posting has not died we just need to pick the right and trusted blog where we can guest post our articles.

Like another, we don’t just start guest blogging on a random website. First, we look for relevant blogs which fall in your website or business niche. After this our experienced content writers will write an attractive, fresh and unique article. You don’t have to worry before publishing we send it to you so you can satisfy yourself. We will provide your working links with quality work.

4. Link Wheel Creation

Maybe link wheel creation is a completely new term for you. If yes then definitely you are curious about it. So what it is? Actually, link wheel creation is powerful and effective link building technique in which high PR websites are connected with your website. Basically, it is a process of interconnecting the websites. When you are connected with high PR websites then naturally you will get the benefit of their high authority which results in the increase in ranking and traffic.

Know that link wheel creation is a completely white hat technique. In this technique, professionals have to target relevant and targeted keywords. To get better result building organic and rich in content link wheel need to be created.

5. One Way Link Building

It is one of the most common processes which is done by most of the SEO professionals. The main motive of this technique is to get as much as live links from another website without giving out the link to that particular website. The most common methods to get one-way links are bookmarking, directory submission, forum posting, blog commenting and more. Most of the people know it and start making links where it is possible which is wrong. You need to take care of the quality of the link, not quantity.

One want link building seems very simple but it also requires full time and proper strategy which will get you quality inbound links. It also redirects the visitors to your website so apart from leaving website link there are many other things which need to be considered. The only key to one way link building is to focus on relevancy and quality of links.

6. Reciprocal Link Building

It is one of the traditional ways to get links but like guest posting, you need to pick relevant websites. It is still considered the powerful and most popular link building strategy. Alternatively, it is also known as two way link building or link exchange. Reciprocal link building is a process in which links are exchanged in two websites. If doing it with the strategy it is the most effective way to drive traffic to your website. It is one of the services which need to be done very carefully in the SEO link building services list and we are best on this.

This process will bring mutual benefits for both your website and another website from where you are making the reciprocal link. Now exchanging links is not sufficient along with it quality content is also needed. People who post copied or spun article will soon penalize by Google.

7. Web 2.0 Link Building

Web 2.0 websites are ultimate resource to get quality visitors and backlinks because it gives a chance to directly interact with the already built user base. By sharing attractive, meaningful and relevant content you can generate a decent number of visitors. Web 2.0 websites have fast crawl rates which are best for page indexing. Such websites allow you to post effective, interesting and unique content totally free of cost.

Using web 2.0 websites as link building is one of the old but complicated technique. Complicated because you need to hit the right audience. If you fail to do so then your all hard work will have to get flushed and you will get nothing from it.

So these are SEO link building service which you will get at IndeedSEO. We have a team of professional which helps you to boost your visitors in no time. You can contact us if you really want quality links for your website.



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